IEEE Best Process Mining Dissertation winner, Andrea Burattin, visits DCC UC


With the aim to provide feedback on three process mining projects related to healthcare and higher education, postdoctoral research assistant in Computer Science at the BPM Research Cluster of the University of Innsbruck, Andrea Burattin, visited UC Department of Computer Science at Catholic University of Chile (DCC UC).


Andrea Burattin was invited by DCC UC academics, Marcos Sepúlveda, Valeria Herskovic and Jorge Munoz-Gama, in the context of the project, “Analysis of multidisciplinary collaboration in primary healthcare using process mining”, funded by the Chilean National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development, Fondecyt.

“The idea is to see whether we can use process mining techniques to provide useful insights on these different domains. We saw some several techniques than can already be applied to these logs and we are expecting good outcomes that would be a contribution, not for Process Mining as a discipline, but for domains as higher education and healthcare”, said Andrea Burattin about the projects he will work on: “Process Mining in Higher Education” and “Answering Frequently Posed Questions in Emergency Room through Process Mining”.

During his visit, Andrea Burattin, who was awarded in 2014 by IEEE Task Force on Process Mining with the Best Process Mining Dissertation for the doctoral thesis, “Applicability of Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments”, offered the presentation “Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments” to explain the ideas behind his research area in Computer Science.

“Applied science open problems are different from the theoretical ones. In fact, they only partially overlap each other. With this work I tried to demonstrate that if you want a technique to be successful you need this technique to be also applicable in the real world”, said postdoctoral researcher, Andrea Burattin.

After his talk at UC Department of Computer Science at Catholic University of Chile (DCC UC), Andrea Burattin attended presentations by doctoral researchers and answered questions from first and second year students. “Their doubts were less technical, but reflected a lot of interest. The impression I had from them was positive and it was nice to give this talk”, assured Andrea Burattin.

In addition to his doctoral thesis developed into the Springer book “Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments”, Andrea Burattin has published 27 articles about Process Mining, Business Process Randomization and Simulation; and Declare Models (analysis and discovery) techniques and methodologies. He is a member of IEEE Task Force on Process Mining since 2009, and of IEEE since 2010.

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